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Rapture & Saints

I do not believe in the Rapture, because through my perception, a saint would not choose to be raptured.

If an evil man rose to power which caused the dawn of an age of destruction, would you pray to be “swooped up” to live in Heaven for the rest of the Tribulation, and watch your family, friends, loved ones and all those you care about experience such troubles described in the Apocalypse?

What if those you care about were unbelievers, adulterers, murderers, or all three? And what if they died, or worse: accepted the Mark of the Beast? And what if they were unhappy this whole time? What if those you care about are believers, and have devoted their lives to G-d ,and were subject to these outcomes?

Are these not His children (those you care about/humanity), who He so wants to be brought under His arms? Are there any who will bring them to Him?

For those who believe that authority is required to properly enter the Kingdom of Heaven, is this made possible if those with the highest authority have left us?

I ask you [truly], would you want these events to happen to those you care about, and all peoples of the Earth? Would He want such outcomes? Would you feel justified to stand in Heaven and watch as the Tribulation unfolds?

One could argue that the day of G-d’s Wrath means that He is angry with us, and therefore justifying that the Apocalypse is a necessary punishment, and must be done. And so I ask you [truly]: Why is He angry?

One of the Messiah’s given names is “Immanuel”. This name in Hebrew means “G-d with us”, but where is this Messiah (Yeshua) during these dark times? In Heaven, waiting for the moment to end the Tribulation (according to speculation). I am not one to question why this is so, but speaking figuratively, if the Messiah’s most righteous followers of the time were brought to Heaven, perhaps all those who know of the Truth, how will others find the Truth? How will they find G-d if we are cut off from Him?

Is the Tribulation not a time to repent and come to the Father?

I believe that the Tribulation is a time to repent and come to the Father.

And this is part of the reason why I would prefer not to be raptured, for I tell you [truly], that you would be wise to stay behind than to let happen the events that I have explained previously, for[/because] to be raptured would be to fill your consciousness with regret.

“Would have the outcome been better if I stayed behind?”

“Could those close to me have been redeemed[/saved] if I stayed behind?”

These are the regretful questions I could be asking myself for ages to come, if I were raptured and those close to me accepted the Mark of the Beast. The failure to not be able to take action in the most dire of times, and to let these things happen, would only be the beginning of regrets[/sorrows].

If I were asked to be brought up to Heaven for the Tribulation, I would be morally obligated to humble myself, and say, “There is still work to do. [/ My work is not finished.]” Would you say the same?

And so I am left behind.

This is the other part why I would prefer not to be raptured.

For these are the actions of a true Saint: to be the Beacon of Light that shines in the darkness, the signal for those seeking refuge; an S.O.S., not looking for a rescuer, but looking to rescue.

These are the actions of a true Saint: to encounter darkness face-to-face, and the Light that is His, the Light of the Most-High, will pierce through, so His children may be reclaimed, for saints are sons of light.

These are the actions of a true Saint: to walk through darkness, and come out unscathed, filled with His kindness, for He is with us, and will guide us through troubled times.

For He is with us, fear not, for a saint knows not to fear, so fear not.

Two witnesses will preach during the Tribulation. Can there be more? Please[, I ask of you,] do not leave the world for two in seven billion. Let there be at least one hundred and forty four thousand.

Praise be to G-d the Father,

May Him, His peace and His blessings be with you[/us all],

And may He watch over you[/us] with kindness,



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