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My Maple Career as of 2012 (Brief)


– Made my first Bannedstory video.

– Joined in late August/September of 2008. Account was maxy9000. The first character I made was a Rogue in Broa. Then my friend told me to switch over to Kradia, where he was. Then I switched and made PressureK. I got to Lv.17 and quit that character. I then made a new account called maxy6000, and I forget why, but it might have to do with messing up the account info of maxy9000 or the stats of PressureK.

– KeithxxSpear was born. My friend (Adam)’s character, who was an ice mage, adventured together.

– Late September/October of 2008, we were in the fm and joined a guild called ShadowKnights. For a short while, we liked to be in such a guild with Billy as the leader. We didn’t know the community very well, though.

– Left ShadowKnights.

– Was introduced to Flash. Made my first Flash video with Bannedstory sprites. Practiced with Flash for a bit.

– Was introduced to QuincyKiller (Kurtis). Became Internet best friends.

– Got to Lv.30 on KeithxxSpear.

– Christmas with Adam and Kurtis. Introduced to Kurtis’ girlfriend, Castea (Nancy).



– CPQ adventures, meeting some more people.

– Cless Shadow video has been animated. It took only a few days to make.

– More animations.

– Introduced to Sony Vegas.

– More animations + video editing.

– Got to Lv.50. Friends congratulate me. Now I was able to join Kurtis and Adam in LMPQ.

– Creation of KradiaAngels, a guild run by Adam and myself. Adam was the leader.

– Some community involvement and training until Lv.55. Had a huge craving for more Final Attack chance. Implements 99% FA hack. Leaves it in files.

– A bit of inactivity.

– Creation of DonionMage (F/P Wizard). Hard training to 30. Reaches to 50 not long after, thanks to CPQ. Also met more people in CPQ.

– More videos.

– Kurtis quits Maplestory.

– Rejoins ShadowKnights. Gets involved with elite members almost immediately. Eventually becomes friends with the majority of ShadowKnights’ elite members. Participates in a GPQ.

– ShadowKnights dies out.

– 50 subscribers!

– Moves to Windia, creating MeMaxy. Reaches Lv.50 quite quickly.

– 60 subscribers!

– Joins Flash animation community (BsBackgrounds).

– Goes on a two week trip to air cadet camp. (Quits cadets after summer.)

– Returns home.

– Adam had access to my account. He went on characters while I was gone. He told me that my account was banned. I went to log on. It said that I was banned from illegal advertising, or hacking. We checked the characters on the website. KeithxxSpear and DonionMage had lost all their armors. KeithxxSpear, for some reason, was wearing a pair of nx shorts that I didn’t buy, and nor would I buy it in the future. We checked MeMaxy. He still had everything. I assumed I was hacked and the hacker got me banned.

– I sent a ticket, I think, to try and get my account back. I didn’t bother after that.

– Becomes interested in private servers. Joins one for the first time. I experienced what it was like to be above Lv.70 and beyond Lv.200, allowing rebirths and combinations of different skills from different classes. Me and Adam met a treasure hunter, and then quit private servers.

– Adam made me a new account. He also made a new email. The email was, and the account was xmaxyx.

– I made a thief character to Lv.20. Cygnus Knights came out. The thief character created MystMaxy. I became a Dawn Warrior.

– Joins the forums for guidance. Sees the Maple Mentors (Zimlicious being one of them) and XGrantwallX. Becomes a regular forum user.

– With Kradia being more populated, I met a new person almost every day, especially in CPQ. As I reached Lv.50, I joined the guild called Oblivion. It was led by a character named fpmage1024 (Dave). Oblivion was a growing guild, and had been a Kradian guild for a while. I met Thunder0wnsU and AerinNight. They were friends of my newly acquired Senior, a Night Walker that I forget his IGN. These were the top of the branch on my friends list, Oblivion members being the second runner-up.

– Animations and videos became more experienced.

– CPQ2 came out. MystMaxy was one of Kradia’s top ‘ninjas’ at the time. I considered myself to be a ‘ninja’.

– Reaches Lv.70 on MystMaxy.

– Talking with Kurtis one day over Youtube messages, he passed on his account to me. I still take good care of it.

– GM event with Pink Bean.

– Meets more people.

– Stops training at Lv.75 to finally fit in the community. For the next few months, I have been more social to the community of Maple. I decided to take on a bigger role on the forums, and act like XGrantwallX by helping the community with technical and problematic issues, hoping to one day be someone like XGrantwallX.

– Faded away from the community in-game. Stayed active within the Maple animation community and forums, sometimes.

– Joined AffinityMS (Private Server). Made a few friends and quit the next day.

– Played MystMaxy a few times, and then went through a period of inactivity for real life things.

– KMS came out with Big Bang. It was at this time when I started following Spadow’s blog regularly. I became active again in the game. Me and Adam later joined Windia.

– I started to participate in the forums again.

– Big Bang arrived. I had a Lv.50 Fighter at the time. When Resistance came out, I made xMaksy, my main character for the next year of 2010. I had reached Lv.70 pretty quickly, and I started to make some friends in Windia. However, these friends I don’t have any contact to anymore.



– Now I started to grow as a person. I was half way through my grade 9 year in school, and I was 14 years old. It was time for me to take my animation career to a new level. I still played Maplestory at times, but once again I tracked off to just the forums and animation community. Sometimes I would spend my whole time on the computer at the forums!

– I joined BasilMarket. It took a while to get involved in the community.

– I became familiar friends with XGrantwallX. I joined Twitter, and followed him. Overtime, I met some of his friends, such as ThatWasMyKil. I participated in XGrantwallX’s Lv.200 party.

– I still wasn’t the best at animating with Bannedstory sprites. For the next half of a year, I spent my time following Spadow, animating on Flash and editing videos, and just playing in Maplestory. I didn’t have many friends in the game at the time.

– I got back into Dawn Warriors, and tried to build one up in Windia. I lost inspiration most of the time, since I already had MystMaxy.

– Chaos came out. I made a brand new account, with its email as I made a new Dawn Warrior in Chaos, and got to Lv.70 within a new record, before the bandana event ended. Me and Adam felt it was a good choice to move to Chaos, since it was new and we planned on a new beginning. I got involved in PvP when it came out, and I played it all the time. My Dawn Warrior then reached Lv.92, before I came back to xMaksy in Windia.

– Now I was in high school in grade 10. I wanted to focus more on my youtube account. I really didn’t want to have to keep dealing with it, especially because of its username. I wanted to move on.

– So I posted the announcement video, explaining how I will be putting out all the videos that I was running late on for the past year. It would end with the 100 subscriber special.

– The intentions of the video came true, and the 100 subscriber special was released on Christmas Eve. I said I would take my Maple career to the next step further. It was at this time when I wanted to do more than just animating with Flash.



– I can’t really explain much about 2011, except that it was really just trying to make the right Dawn Warrior and find some good usernames. I was in this crisis for a long time.

– I stayed with the forums, slowly getting more involved with the fan creations. I also followed Spadow, and stayed in touch with everyone on Twitter and BasilMarket.

– When the next school year started in grade 11, I started to grow even more, leaning towards the moral parts of how I want to spend my life. My Maple career was a mess, and I wanted to do more. I wanted to make a difference.

– Legends came out and the Cannoneer I made was super fun. I have been using Dawn Warriors for a while, so the fun brought me all the way to Lv.120! I felt achieved.

– I looked on the forums in the Windia section, and I saw a guild recruitment page. It was for Caelifer. I asked if xMaksy could join. After joining, I also got my Cannoneer to join the guild. Then I started to talk when necessary.



– Intrigued with my Cannoneer, I took some thought and went to switch my path from a Dawn Warrior. I put some thought into how and why I want to be interpreted in the game and around the community. I made the first Cleric since the creation of PressureK, and very quickly got to Lv.120.

– As I was training my newly made Bishop (2KFeurii) to Lv.120, the events of the hacker KS war had occurred.

– Over the first half of 2012, I developed amazingly with Maple’s community. I had spent more time on Basil and the forums, often releasing fan creations. My biggest project were the foundations and alpha stages of the Re-Evolution patch. Also during this time, I had connected with Windia more than ever, making up for even the popularity I had with MystMaxy in Kradia, back in 2009. I had a guild, I was handling guild rivalry, and most of all I provided fun and happiness to those who struggled during the times of building the raiding team for the KS war. I also met Dillzation and Crowhogan33, becoming almost Internet best friends over Twitter.

– I put time into a few more Dawn Warriors, to aim for Chief Knight before Exp events ended. 2KLaeves was the first Lv.120 DW and only to achieve this goal.

– I was learning HTML in Design class in school, and I eventually had to knowledge to build my own WordPress blog. Then I was intrigued to use it.

– I built a wordpress blog, and onward went Summer of 2012.

– During the Summer, I was able to witness a happy ending to the raiding team for the KS wars. I felt like leaving their lives to move forward to another community, but Dave met up with me and told me how happy he was to see me. That day, he shared a huge backstory to him and Sofia. I was surprised with how far they went back. He welcomed me back to Caelifer, and I stayed there for a bit.

– I trained my Phantom to Lv.120 and beyond.

– I made a lot of fan creations on the forums. I became a figure of the fan creations section of Maplestory’s forums.

– I changed my username to i5Keith. I also changed the blog around to fit more efficient needs.

– September arrived, and I turned 17. I wanted to become a successful guild leader now. I wanted to do community work, I wanted to help new players, and I wanted to make a positive impact to Windia and Maplestory.

– Made the ‘hacker weapon’ thread in the fan creations forum.

– This became more of a vision when I started my days in Youcan as a mentor. It taught me a lot on what I want to do with social work in my life, and my cravings to make a positive impact on the lives of those who need it most.

– I trained my newly made Mihile to Lv.75.

– Account was deactivated.

– Here we are today.

– Over the past month of experiencing myself as a Mentor in Youcan, I have had fantasies of making a difference using guilds and such in Maplestory. Child-like fantasies such as a Pots for Noobs campaign, inspired from an actual topic on BasilMarket, and having programs that can help players and be a good guild.

– Now I just handle my blog, tweet to my Twitter fans, talk to friends, and be ready for what news I can take on for my account.

– For any personal news during all these events, my twitter account may provide some help.


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